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Oyaarss “Zemdega” — album trailer

Ad Noiseam

Oyaarss’s third album, “Zemdega”, will be published by Ad Noiseam on October 20th, 2014.
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Science Slam Sonic Explorers featuring Mina Caputo — IDA

Ohm Resistance



In conjunction with the 5 year anniversary of the fossil’s revelation to the public, Science Slam Sonic Explorers have created a new piece highlighting the controversy behind the Earth’s most magnificently preserved primate fossil: IDA

With lyrics by Jørn Harald Hurum, voicing by Life of Agony’s Mina Caputo, music by Gator Bait Ten, and audio-visual production by Kurt Gluck (Submerged), this is the next echelon in collaborative effort between Science and Music.

Executive Producer: Achim G. Reisdorf

Science Slam Sonic Explorers 05 — IDA
Jørn Harald Hurum
Mina Caputo
Gator Bait Ten
Achim G. Reisdorf
with Artwork by Esther Van Hulsen

In the year of Darwin 2009
A fossil was described
Named Darwinius masillae
Her nickname became IDA
Her skeleton is complete
Her body outline preserved
And last meal in her stomach
She lived 47 million years ago
And she is a primate

The scientists describing her
Placed her on the line
That much later
Evolved into us

This sparked a scientific controversy
The group of primates where IDA belonged
Are by most scientists
Believed to be closer to

47 million years is a long time
Most animals that lived so long ago
Are crushed into unidentifiable pieces
Some pieces survive
But very fragmentary remains can not
Tell the story like a complete skeleton.

The scientific discussion
Sums up to:
– my fossil is more important than your fossil!
Scientists say “nothing new in IDA“
Others claiming that their single teeth,
jawfragment or anklebone are much more important
Scientists claiming that IDA is too crushed to tell anything
(Without ever seeing the fossil)

The more complete a fossil is
the more difficult it is to fit it into
the present interpretation of fragments

Critics are seldom objective,
usually scientists have hidden agendas
(attack is the best defense)
this is something the journalists should learn to understand
The more furious a scientist is
the more fragmentary are his own specimens…

The philosophy behind IDA:
“The nature of science“
The scientists wanted to show the process of science
not only the result
A scientific paper is the start of a debate
not the end

Many scientists do outreach
to impress their colleagues
not to tell the public about their research

The goal of the outreach
In the IDA project
was to move the perspective
of non-specialists on human evolution from
“something that happened a few million years ago in Africa“
“we have relatives 47 million years ago“
= Evolutionary perspectives in deep time

The last five years
Have been like a very slow
Tennis match
Disagreeing scientists are arguing
In different journals
No one change their minds.…
Ida is still the most complete fossil primate
ever found
no one disagrees on her beauty
she is today in most textbooks
but the controversy continues

This is dedicated to all fossil hunters. Without you finding fossils, the World would be a less interesting place.

30 Minutes Of Bass Education #3 — Goth-Trad


Read more: http://ift.tt/1lNLPq5

Track list:

1. Goth-Trad — Cut End [Deep Medi, 2007]
2. Goth-Trad — Born to Know [Deep Medi, 2013]
3. Goth-Trad — Anti Grid [Deep Medi, 2012]
4. Goth-Trad — Airbreaker [Deep Medi, 2012]
5. Pampidoo — Synthesizer Voice (Goth-Trad dub mix) [Greensleeves, 2011]
6. Skream & Cluekid — Sandsnake (Goth-Trad remix) [Disfigured Dubz, 2009]
7. Goth-Trad — Seeker [Deep Medi, 2012]
8. Goth-Trad — Back to Chill [Popgroup Recordings, 2005]
9. Goth-Trad — Sunbeam [Deep Medi, 2010]
10. Goth-Trad — New Epoch [Deep Medi, 2012]
11. Goth-Trad ft. Max Romeo — Babylon Fall [Deep Medi, 2011]

Mixed by Dubjunk (@dubjunk)




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30 Minutes Of Bass Education #5 — Mala


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Track list:

1. Johnny Clark vs Mala — Sinners [Ringo Recordings, 2009]
2. Mala (Digital Mystikz) — Education [DMZ, 2010]
3. Mala — Miracles [Deep Medi, 2008]
4. Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry vs Digital Mystikz — Like The Way You Should (Mala remix) [On-U Sound, 2011]
5. Mala — Left Leg Out [DMZ, 2006]
6. Mala (Digital Mystikz) — City Cycle [Tectonic, 2010]
7. Mala (Digital Mystikz) — Eyez [DMZ, 2010]
8. Mala — Changuito [Brownswood, 2012]
9. Mala (Digital Mystikz) — Explorer [Monkeytown Records, 2010]
10. Mala (Digital Mystikz) — Return II Space [DMZ, 2010]
11. Mala (Digital Mystikz) — Anti War Dub [DMZ, 2006]

Mixed by Mr. Mt




FatKidOnFire Presents #15 — Tunnidge


FatKidOnFire Presents #15 — @Tunnidge

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